Yuku – concurrent receipt for chapter 61 passed in concurrent, Mack, can you provide a link to a credible source where "retirement (disability) x 2.5% x years of service" is the proposed formula? crs, a house or senate bill, cbo.
Yuku – status of concurrent receipt legislation – chapter 61′s in, The below information provides some detail about the plan but there does not seem to be much movement on it. you would think the day he made it to office there would.
Fra | concurrent receipt for chapter 61 retirees, Concurrent receipt for chapter 61 retirees. fra strongly supports the administration’s recent proposal to expand concurrent retirement and disability pay (crdp.

Military.com – concurrent retirement and disability pay (crdp, Concurrent receipt means to receive both military retirement benefits and va disability compensation, and up until 2004 this was forbidden by law..
Chapter 2 service-connected disabilities – office of public and, Disability compensation. disability compensation is a monetary benefit paid to veterans who are disabled by an injury or illness that was incurred or aggravated.
Fra | concurrent receipt update – fleet reserve association, Several lawmakers are working to expand eligibility for the concurrent receipt of military retired pay and veterans’ disability compensation, without offset..

10 usc § 1414 – members eligible for retired pay who are also, 10 usc § 1414 – members eligible for retired pay who are also eligible for veterans’ disability compensation for disabilities rated 50 percent or higher.
Osd military compensation (militarypay.defense.gov), Concurrent dod and va pay. law requires that whenever an individual receives va disability compensation there be a dollar for dollar reduction in any military retired.
Financial frontlines® » setting the record straight on crsc and crdp, Crdp and crsc are confusing programs. our experience from talking regularly with uniformed members is that several misconceptions routinely pop up..