what days of the week do tax returns get direct deposited

How long does it take to get state tax refund if you efile and, How long does it take to get state tax refund if you efile and have it direct deposited to checking account?.
Department of revenue: personal income tax assistance and common, Direct deposit : can i have my refund directly deposited into my bank account? i am getting a refund from oregon but have to pay the federal tax..
How long does it take to get tax return from hr block – how long, Confederaterose24 said: if you are paying for an 8-14 day "rapid" refund you are getting jipped hon! we used to go that route, but for the past three years i have.

Tax refund 2009 direct deposit schedule conflict? – yahoo! answers, I filed my taxes on jan 15th, efile with direct deposit. i’ve found two different sources as to when i will get my refund. this one http://www.efile.com.
Irs says my refund will be deposited on jan 31st anyway of knowing, I havent been staying with my mom none last year and i had moved out of town for six months and i was my taking care of my self but i was living under?.
Tax refund direct deposit date january 24,2012? – yahoo! answers, Best answer: good luck! i filed my taxes on the 17th and it was accepted on that day. i called today the 25th and spoke to someone at the irs and they.